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In vitro fertilization (IVF) has been a standard procedure for over 40 years. However, up to 30% of eggs are thrown away during egg isolation due to poor quality. Even if an egg is selected, it is not guaranteed to be of good quality.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ease the stress of fertility treatment and increase IVF success rates with our cutting-edge, EggCellent technology.

Our Technology


Our Solutions

Recover Unusable Eggs
Improve Egg Quality
Reduce Genetic Errors

How EggBoost Works

Increase IVF-ready oocytes using proprietary cell and chip technology
Egg Quality
Assessment for Egg
Freezing or IVF

How EggCheck Works

Egg Isolation
(IVF or Cryopreservation)
Nucleic Acids Isolation
Proprietary Gene Network Analysis

How Can EggBoost and EggCheck Integrate to IVF?

*IVF treatment fees in Hong Kong. For reference only.

Our Pipeline

IND Enabling
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
EggCheck (Launching in June)
Sperm Screening
Sperm Tech

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    EggLogics is a Slingshot 2022 Top 50 Startup.

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Our Team

Dr. Tin-Lap Lee
Founder and Chairman
Dr. Tin-Chiu Li
Clinical Advisor
MBBS; Ph.D.; M.D.
Dr. David Yiu-Leung Chan
Clinical Advisor
Dr. Hon-Fai Chan
Research Advisor
Dr. Megan Yi-Ping Ho
Research Advisor
Mr. Emmanuel Andrew Hui
Business Development Advisor
Mr. Jimmy Tao-Wai Leung
Business Development Advisor
Ms. Miley Man-Yee Ho
Project Manager

About Us

EggLogics is an IncuBio company based out of Hong Kong Science Park and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Our Lead project - EggBoost - combines novel cell and chip technology to strengthen the oocytes (eggs), so that they have a higher success rate of fertilization and a reduced risk of genetic defects. Our method can even recover “unusable” eggs which are conventionally discarded. We have also developed a gene-based diagnostic platform to determine the health of eggs.


EggBoost – a non-invasive method to increase the usable number of oocytes and hence further enhance the quality of mature oocytes.

EggCheck – a precise gene-based oocyte quality assessment with a simple grading rubric, which allows clinicians and women to make a better-informed decision for IVF and egg freezing.

EggBoost is at clinical research stage whereas EggCheck has been launched in the Assisted Reproductive Technology Unit of the Prince of Wales Hospital.

To make sure they can be safely utilized, the technologies have already received relevant ethics approval and passed the human subject research review. However, the surgical procedures of the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) may involve risks and side effects associated with hormonal injections. Therefore, it is strongly advised to obtain medical opinion before proceeding your fertility treatment.

To begin with, a clinical appointment has to be arranged for physical and gynaecological examinations. Eligible subjects will then undergo transvaginal ultrasound scans, hormone, and ovulation preparation examinations.  Ovarian stimulation protocol will be implemented, followed by transvaginal oocyte retrieval surgery. During the operation, the oocytes are retrieved by inserting a fine needle into the ovary using ultrasound guidance. The patient will remain conscious during the egg retrieval process, as an intravenous sedation medication will be administered to ensure no pain or discomfort.

For details, please refer to the information below:

*Please note that the actual procedures will be adjusted according to the patient's condition, for reference only.

EggLogics is ready to offer EggBoost and EggCheck test quotas to the eligible women from all walks of life. The subjects will be responsible for the cost of the whole ART process, ranging from the preliminary examination procedures, essential drugs required during the treatment cycle to the operative medical procedures, which includes but not limited to oocyte retrieval, embryo transfer and intrauterine insemination. Please refer to the link below for the charges applies,

For IVF, please refer to part A (P.1-2), for Egg Freezing, please refer to part A1-3 (P.1) of and part G1-3(P.6).

The objective of EggBoost is to increase the usable number of oocytes and enhance the quality of mature oocytes, leading to a higher rate of fertilization and embryo development, and eventually boost IVF success rate during the initial phase of IVF. Our recent clinical trial showed the maturation improvement of EggBoost ranges from 25% to over 300%. Eggs from the advanced aged subjects tend to have a higher maturation rate.

Other than the eggs per se, there are other variables influencing the success rate of a pregnancy in the subsequent phase of IVF procedure, including sperm quality during fertilization, genetic status of embryo and the endometrial status during implantation. As IVF is a multistage clinical process, a comprehensive clinical overview is highly recommended before applying EggBoost.

Interested parties can fill out the form to sign up for the services. To evaluate if the subject is applicable to the EggCellent technology, an initial clinical assessment will be conducted by the clinical team at the Assisted Reproductive Technology Unit at the Prince of Wales Hospital. The information provided will be strictly confidential and used only for recruitment purposes. For any enquiries, please email [email protected] or Whatsapp (852) 44459552.


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